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European Peace Walk
de Sumit Modi - martes, 31 de enero de 2017, 11:05

I received regarding the new cultural route from Vienna/Bratislava to Trieste. Sadly, I'll have to wait until next summer--but perhap this looks like a cool opportunity! 
The European Peace Walk.

The European Peace Walk will start in Vienna , exactly 100 years after the outbreak of WWI. A "Symbol of our Progress,” the EPW will be a lasting social platform in Central Europe for all peoples to meet and share in our perpetual peace, whilst celebrating our rich shared histories, the disappearance of our borders and the bright inter-connected futures that we have together.

The walkers will cross many borders as they pass through the hidden landscapes and beautiful towns of Central Europe. Nights will be spent relaxing in budget accommodation along the Route.
We are looking for dedicated long distance walkers to join in this international odyssey, as they co design Europe’s first transnational and permanent walkway dedicated to European Peace & Integration.

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