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Which are the best IT courses?
de Sumit Modi - viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017, 15:07
I want some advice regarding IT degrees. I have currently finished my 12th board exams (Commerce) & am thinking of going ahead in IT, computers being my strong interest right from childhood. 
But one important thing is that something like distance learning is my only option (due to physical constraints). Going to the college/univ only for exams is just manageable, so going there everyday is simply not possible. 
Studying at home has never been a problem. God has gifted me with a very sharp brain & have never needed tuitions/classes. And in XIIth too, 85%+ marks is a huge possibility. In school & college too, my attendance used to remain very low. 
So, considering all the factors, which are the best IT degrees / diplomas that I can pursue? Also, will it be possible to work from home for a company after getting that degree?
Thanks in advance

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